Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday Company Picnic

My husband's company picnic was Sunday. I wish it were as much fun as the one above, however no such luck! Hubby just got a promotion at work (Yay Hubby!!!) so he thought an appearance was necessary. I hate going to his company functions. He works for a bunch of unappreciative a-holes! There are two people, Danny & Tony, we love seeing but that is it. The head of the company smokes these $50 cigars and passes out .25 cent cigars to everyone else. They pick a place that is a lifetime away from where most of their employees live, the party is on a Sunday so the cheap bastards hope not everyone drinks so much, it is only 4 hours long, which makes the 1 1/2 hour trip so not worth it, it's in the middle of July, my buttcrack gets chapped from so much sweat dripping down there, Sandy Point Beach (Where the party is held) is so dirty, there were used maxi pads washing up on shore. Yeah like I want my kid playing in that. I was wondering when I might step on a hypodermic needle.
Over sucked!

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