Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Something about being bitch slapped..uh..gets me horny!

Just a quick reminder, BE contest below. One more day left!

These are the girls from If you notice I have the "I got smacked" link on my dirtly little sidebar. I call it a dirtly little side bar b/c I know these wonderful looney toons will tell me I need to clean it up a little....a little!

Do I know how....hell no! Otherwise I would have done it by now. Do I have a boring template, not soooo much, but I would love a snazzy pic up at the top, but I can't afford it. I think that the best thing about blogging is, it's pretty much free!

I do like this site, however bitchy these girls may be, b/c it gives us a little insight on what others are thinking. You can also check out the cool awards they give people to...such as

This wonderful award was given to Michelle
apparently she bitched back and then they bitched back and then all the followers bitched back and so on and so on. If they are all as hot as their toon profiles, they should all get in a ring of pudding and sling it out! I'd pay to see that! Shit...I'd take my hubby. (who says wives gotta be stuck up. Back on track, (sorry, getting excited again,) Michelle has a great written voice, guess that is why I keep going back. You should visit her blog, you might get a hoot out of it all! And she has some interesting things to say.

You definately have to go to
and check out thier reviews and the sites of those getting reviewed. Then sign up for a good ole' bitch slap yourself...

like I said before, I don't know about you, but something about being bitch slapped gets me horny!!!!

Today's video is for you girls....bring it on...I can take it!!! Turn the music up...I know how much you hate that!


handsomeloser said...

If being bitch-slapped made me horny I'd be the horniest animal on the planet.

Jade said...

ha ha! I love I Talk Too Much! Those guys sure bring loads of laughter to my day!

Returning the favor in BOTB! Good luck!! :-)

Mark Base said...

Wow - now this is a coincidence. Look at what I wrote just last week:


Love your blog.

Kisses (and a healthy number of bitch slaps),

theothermichelle said...

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for the comment, girlfriend. :)

I love that song too, and turned it way up! Damn, I'm gonna have to go download it now...