Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Holiday Highlights

Well I hope that everyone made it through the holidays unscathed. Our family managed to make it through with out a bunch of bloopers. Recap:
1. Went to my parent Christmas Eve and share our news of the new baby. It took my mother about 5 minutes to get what we were telling her.
2. Went to church with parents on the Eve, only to sit through an hour of a really weird Christmas message that was unappropriate for the holiday and my child in my lap.
3. Woke up around 2:30 am Christmas Morning with bad bad cramping almost went to the hospital, but farted and felt better. (must have been the greens)
4. Christmas morning, my son saw that santa brought him his very own vaccum cleaner. He played with it for 3 hours and refused to open any more gifts.
5. Puppy went into heat , on my furniture.
6. Spent the holiday in our new home, with just me, my son, my husband and 3 dogs. The 3 of us woke up together. Went down stairs together. Opened presents together. Ate breakfast Christmas morning together. Cuddled at nap time together. I am getting warm fuzzies just thinking about that!


RWA said... inappropriate message at church on Christmas Eve? That seems a bit strange.

Glad you got to spend the day with just your immediate family!

Ellie said...

It was weird. It was a series of movies with chorus interludes. But the movies were about war and the destruction of humanity by humans. The message was about how Christ gave his life to save ours and how it seems that instead of focusing on the gift we historically fight amongst ourselfs and wage war.

I thought it was political. I thought that the message should have been less graphic and maybe given at easter. Not Christmas. I didn't like it at all.

Hypersonic said...

hee farted...hee hee.
I avoid church like the plague at Christmas, too many fairweather Christians, I get down with the old tetament and do some scourging.

Glad you had a warm 'n fuzzy Christmas.

Nicole said...

good god Ellie!! I click over here to see what you are up to and I almost fell out of my chair!!
Nice pic btw!!! lol

Glad to hear you had a very nice Christmas and enjoyed it in your own home!
Have a nice New Year's too!
We are going to take our kids out for supper and then to the movie The Museum. Our single Dad friend is going to join us with his 3 kids too. Afterwards we will come back here to play games and such and at 11:50pm, we will bundle up and go outside, because the guys are going to set off a few fireworks, but shhh, don't tell anyone!!! lol :)

Ellie said...

Tee hee hee... I farted... tee hee hee... it was the worst pain in the entire world. Memo to self: Don't eat spiced collared greens while pregnant in over abundance. (So noted)

Nic I am glad to see that you have an action packed New Years planned. Michael and I have no clue what we are doing. I know though I am going to keep the little one up so he can run outside like we used to do when we were children and bang on pots and pans. Only then could we go to sleep.

Fond memory, We moved into our house a year ago on New Year's Eve. I remember laying on the matress on the floor and all these fire sirens were going off. My husband said..."how far did we mover from the fire house..Is this what we have to look forward to?" I lifted my head and gave him a kiss and said "happy new year dear"

It was just the fire department saying happy new year to the town.:)

RWA said...

Wow, now that is a strange Christmas message.

Hypersonic said...

Happy New ear ellie! ( stay away from the spiced collared greens!)

Sara said...

Wow you had a great day and you taught your son how to vacuum,, I"M JEALOUS!

We had a busy as chit day too but it was great!