Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Traditions...(plus your advent cartoon)

Everyone has holiday traditions. I wanted to share mine, they may be normal, they may not be.. I'd be curious to hear everyone elses traditions.
Here we go:
Every Year we bring out Giant 2ft. coloring books and color a page, then pack them away for the next year
Every year we buy Whistle Pops, (1950's candy) and everyone has to play the song that is in their whistle pop. Over the years they have been harder and harder to find.
Every year my mother reads the story of the birth of Jesus while we eat her homemade muffins (my great grand mother's recipe)
Every year we put on the tv with the fire log and music playing while we open presents.
Every year we HAVE to watch the Christmas Story. "You'll poke your eye out!!"
Hubby and I take turns every year, he decorates the house in Colored lights on his turn, and I decorate in White lights on my turn. I know, I am so boring.
Every Year, I read my version of the Night Before Christmas. I will share it with the comments section.
Now I wouldn't say anything on my tradition list is weird... I look forward to it every year.


Ellie said...

It twas the night befor Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring
Except a small mouse,
Under the Christmas tree
All snuggled in bed,
Thoughts of Santa Claus
Danced through his head,
He tossed and he turned
Half through the night,
His hunger became strong
The urge he couldn't fight,
He ran to the big red chair
and sat on the seat,
Then jumped on the end table
And began to eat,
He struggled and twisted
Those Oreo's apart,
Then ate the cream
That melted his heart,
Onto the Cheese
He pranced all the way,
The clock struck Twelve
"What a nice Christmas Day"
He jumped up suddenly
When he heard a big CRASH!
Santa Claus was here
With his big toy stash,
He had to think fast
That Greedy little mouse,
For he ate all the goodies
Left in the house,
He thought of how mad
Santa would be,
So that scared little mouse
Scurried back under the tree,
But to his surprise
Santa brought cheese,
For that Cute little mouse
Hidden under the tree,
He didn't have time
To sit down and rest,
Only the time
To deliver the best,
Crouched on his knees
Santa knelt down,
And scattered the presents
Neatly on the ground,
And right on top
Of that little mouse's bed,
He plopped down the biggest
That poor mouse is...dead.
So this was the lesson
That Santa had taught,
Don't eat all his goodies
Or you might get Squat!!!

Nicole said...

I love that Christmas story movie too!

I am too tired to think of traditions, so i will be back.

RWA said...

Your version is much more enjoyable than the original one.

I don't think traditions are weird at all. They are YOUR traditions, not anyone else's.

And, for what it's worth, my mother prefers clear lights to colored ones too.

Jay said...

I have a tradition. I am a Newfoundlander and we celebrate December 23 as Tips Eve, which I believe was created to be just another day to drink booze.

Ellie said...

yeah...we call that Mardi Gras!!!Of course that includes flashing boobies!

But shiznitz...any Holiday is reason to get tipped!

Jay said...

Really, Mardi Gras is on the same day? Wonder if their are any links between the two. It doesn't involve flashing, just mummers (people in costume, usually gender reversal, turning ones clothes inside out or just dressing strangely. the point is to guess who it is thats dancing).

I have been in the past to sing Karoke with only a wreath around my waist after a little too much booze. I am glad it occured pre youtube as their is a VHS copy out there.

Ellie said...

Mardi Gras is in March...I meant, that is the holiday we use as an exuse to drink and flash boobies!

Nicole said...

Ok, Jay...I want a copy of the VHS tape...which song were you singing???