Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mommy Slut!!

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Kane wasn't the good one in the Bible ...right?
So this morning I am driving along, appeasing my child as I do every morning. We turn on the radio and take a listen, like we do, every morning. They are talking about the Mattell Little Mermaid doll and how some mom is making claims that the doll called her child a slut. So Sammy, one of the personalities had a supposed recording of the doll. They played it and it was Sammy in a hi pitched, somewhat awkward, English voice stating "this is the little mermaid and your a slut". Since they proceeded to play that clip several son was in the back of the car saying the same exact thing! Oh man Oh Man, I was thinking I was going to have some explainin' to do when I dropped him off with the nanny. So I called the radio to let them know of my disappointment (not really, thought it was rather funny) When Kane and I were talking (he is the new host of the show) Tyler called me a slut. Yes fellow bloggies, my son said 'Mommy Slut', while the majority of the Washington area tuned in. Kane had a brief 'Uncle to Tyler' talk... but I fear for the nanny today. I have to remind him that it is not a term of endearment. I will not be writing this down in his baby journal!

RWA and I were talking about clear channel firing our favorite radio hosts lately, I will admit I was devestated when Mark and Kris were fired..but all in all Kane has won my attention and loyaty. He does this kid satan routine that is hilarious...guess ya gotta be there. Here is the link to the stream! Listen in Canada!!!

Yes, 'spelling nerd' I know the name is spelled Cain.


Julene said...

I thought Snow White was the slutty one.

Ellie said...

too too funny...her and the 7 dwarves right...I knew there was something going on there!

Nic said...

I will listen to the link later, but lol...CHRISTMAS should be fun at your house....esp. if Tyler hets to open up his shirt in front of the grandparents and then spout off his new saying!!! :)

it will not let me log in, so I have to post a different way.

Ellie said...

That would be great......
Stockings hung by the fireplace $10
New Bike $59
sipping eggnog while your toddler opens up gift that says "New Big Brother" spouting off saying heard on radio "Mommy Slut" in front of grandparents and confused husband...priceless!!!

The link isn't of us, it is just the radio playing..kinda a tribute to Kane since he is new!

Ellie said...

it's the new beta blogger.... I betcha!!!
They are out to get you Nic

RWA said...

Uncle to Tyler you were on the radio?

You're famous now!!!!!

"Mommy slut" ... lucky for Tyler, he doesn't know any better.

Ellie said...

yes...VERY lucky for Tyler he doesn't know the difference!!!lol