Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dec 3rd Adult Advent Calender...

So hubby put up the lights tonight. I must say, our home looks cute. I can't wait for people to drive up the way and say, Oh I like your pretty! Michael worked really hard on them...I worked hard watching him work hard. I will post pics later. Anyone else notice though, how expensive Christmas decorations are? I really have to shop around to find a deal. I think that this year we will go the day after Christmas and stock up on decorations. I just can't see myself paying $30 for one star to decorate my window, just one window. I live in an older towne too, where the houses are from the 18 - early 1900's. When you drive through the old towne, people have all their windows decorated with wreaths..even the back windows...that's like a billion dollars!!!! Hopefully the after market sales will be good this year!


RWA said...

My mom gets all her decorations in the after Christmas sales. I'm sure you will find plenty of bargains.

Nicole said...

I can't wait to see the pics!
We are decorating our tree tonight, and I will post some pics tomorrow!

I bet your little town is pretty!