Thursday, December 14, 2006

I always feel like, somebody's watchin me...

So what's up with this post?
I am talking about the Terrorist Surveillance Program. I am talking about the government tapping my phone and listening in on my calls to see if I am plotting some national terrorist attack. What right does the government have to listen in on my phone calls. I am a blond hair blue eyed all american chick. I have rights that need to be protected.....I have rights that need to be protected...I have rights that need to be protected. AHHHH I get it now. The government has every right to tap my freaking phone!!! I have nothing to hide. And I don't think there are a bunch ofnational security guys sitting on the other end getting off listening to me and Ang talking about our periods.. me not concieving yet and how I should take my temperature down there to make for better fertility... oh and how our husbands don't vacuum the house right and what a stinky diaper Ty just had while I was changing him and talking at the same time, her calling the dog into the house and making sure her daughter Layla is happy with her apple juice and coloring books.
On On August 17, 2006, U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor correctly ruled the program unconstitutional and illegal. (Yeah I'm a little late here) but it pisses me off. I don't want another world trade center. I don't want another call from my Aunt telling us that our Uncle was in the World Trade Center...crying on the other end. I don't want to be waiting all day to find out if my friend that worked in the Pentegon was safe. I don't want them calling my brother telling him that he is being called up for active duty to fight another war when one isn't finished yet.

Here is the article that prompted me to write this post.

So wire tap me when I call Germany... You won't hear much, but I sure will feel alot safer.



RWA said...

Come on, ellie. They have said repeatedly that they only listen to calls of individuals they suspect to be involved in terrorism.

They are not listening to every single phone call made in this country.

And, if they shouldn't be allowed to do this, should the government (local, state or federal) be allowed to prohibit smoking in public places? Should the city of New York be able to outlaw trans fats?

Ellie said...

RWA.. I think you missed that I was for it. I don't think that it should even be an issue.

Nicole said...

Ellie, we NEED to talk!!

Hypersonic said... you really want me to comment on this? It's illegal it's not right. I want my privacy as an individual. Who cares if they don't listen to every call, the fact that they could is an infringment on anyone's right as na individual. Things like the WTC ( where I also lost 2 good friends) happen because of other issues, not phone calls. Maybe countries like the USA and the UK should look at there foreign policies before listening in on a private conversation.
Who knows, maybe they monitor our blogs? They certainly monitor myspace.

Ellie said...

I really want you to comment on know me!

You are entitled to your opinion that it is an infringement. I would see how alot of people think it would be. But if you are a suspected terrorist and the govt is listening in...I wouldn't mind that. Seriously now, are we really thinking that just b/c they labeled it unconstitutional and said the president is not allow to do it, that the secret agencies out there aren't doing it anyway. Yeah right.

I never heard about the to elaborate?

RWA said...

My bad, ellie. I re-read it. I see that we agree.

I also don't believe that infringing upon suspected terrorists is wrong. Is causing sex offenders to register wrong? Is making accused criminals wear ankle monitors wrong?

No, it isn't. It's for protection - and I am all for it. We have no idea if monitoring phone calls would have helped to prevent 9/11. If it helps prevent another attack on the United States, go for it.

Ellie said...

I knew we weren't far off from each other RWA... as far as the trans fat thing...stupid stupid stupid.