Saturday, December 16, 2006

Two little pink lines

I have waited awhile now to sneak a peek at two little pink lines. I can't tell you how impatient I have been and how many tests I have taken. I never had to wait before. Well yesterday, finally, after praying over an $8 stick...and waiting 3 minutes... I looked down and at first glance saw one pink line...then as if God smiled down on me, a 2nd pink line began to appear.

This Christmas will be great! What a gift at such a perfect time of year!


Ice said...


Congratulations girl... you're right - what a great gift!

I found out I was prego with my second ( He's now 2 and a bit ) just before Christmas also. It was so exciting and also SO hard not to tell everyone, being it was so early in the pregnancy.

Does this make it, 2 or 3 for you then?

That's awesome...

: )

So you're probably going to be due in late July, early August like my little guy was.

Nicole said...

Happy and thrilled for you guys!!
I will be so excited when the happy and joyous day arrives.
Canadian Aunite Nic already knows what she is buying!!!

:) :) :)

xoxo, love Nic.


Ellie said...

This will be #2 for us.

I posts about morning sickness and hemoriods..well atleast not yet (wink)

Probably late August. Thing is, here, they don't allow v-back in our hospital. So I have to go c-section. I am petrified. I hated it the last time, but after 31 hours of labor, I had no choice.

e.Craig said...

I read your post, Ellie, and thought, "I believe she's telling us she's pregnant." Then the other posts here convinced me that was the case. Congratulations! It's a fantastic Christmas present.

I have four daughters and sixteen grandchildren, and I was present at most of the births. And, while I've seen my share, I wouldn't pretend to know what labor and delivery feels like. My youngest, Nancy, had a c-section with her first baby, then delivered the next two normally.

I've read or heard somewhere that doctors are recommending c-sections on a case by case basis, even with mothers who have had previous c-section deliveries. Of course, I don't know your personal situation (and don't need to), but what I'd heard or read pointed out that some doctors were pushing for c-sections when not really necessary.

Anyway, I know you are thrilled, and I am very happy for you and your husband.

Ellie said...

Thank you for your congrats! I am excited.

As for the c-section isn't my doctor that made the rule. It it the hospital. I am hoping it will change b4 I give birth.

The hospital used to not be equipped if something went wrong with a v-back but now they are so I don't see why they haven't changed the rule yet. I considered going to montgomery county to give birth like last time, but I really think that I need to be close to home.

we will see what happens...sigh

Ellie said...

hey anyone else hear the clicking when coming to my webpage.

I think it might be the fliker badge ...that would suck, I would hate to get rid of it, but the sound is annoying.

Nicole said...

Ellie, just got off the phone with Sara. Her 4 year old has been very ill and she sat up with her all last night with a high fever.
She is thrilled for you and said to tell you she will pop over to say hi in a few days. In the mean time, she has left you a message at my place and a suggestion for middle names.... ;-)

Hypersonic said...

Congrats to thee and thine Ellie. :o))

Ellie said...

Thanks a bunch Hypersonic...I am really excited. Hubby left me a love note on my car this morning letting me know how excited he was too. :)

Woozie said...


RWA said...

Congratulations. I guess practice finally made perfect, huh?

The clicking is the flickr badge. It does it on my page - and every page I visit with a flickr badge.