Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas with the Littles

Just a little peekaboo into our world at Christmas!


RWA said...

Great pictures - looks like a lot of fun!!!

Ellie said...

Doesn't my black dog looked thrilled to be wearing reindeer antlers?

His stocking has a picture of him growling wearing is really cute!

Now that I have a smart media card I can post pics from my world!

Ellie said...

can you see the pic of my house?

Nicole said...

AWWW!!! Ellie!! How nice!!!
The pics are all beautiful!!!
I wish I could post more personal pics, but, well, you know why I obviously can't!!

Maybe as time passes....

The pics of Ty and the dogs are sooo cute!

The only thing missing is some snow!! lol. We have gotten so much already, on the weekend my hubby had to snowblow twice. The snowbank beside my tree in the front yard stands almost to my armpit and I am 5ft 8 in.
LOTS of snow, that's for sure!!!

I am all done my shopping now, all the gifts are wrapped amd I am ready.
Are you excited? I bet Ty is getting excited...this will be such a fun and exciting Christmas because he will be really into it.

So, how have you been feeling? Did you have much morning sickness with Ty?

Ellie said...

I had a little spotting this morning which freaked me out a bit..but the doc says it's normal.
As far as morning sickness....I had a thyroid disorder with Ty so I was violently sick. I looked awful..broken blood vessels in my face. And I kept throwing out my back. But we know what to look for this time. I am a little tired & dizzy, but no morning sickness yet. Hopefully we won't have that this time. It took the fun out of being preggo. Once my cardiologist clears me too, I will be more at peace (2 heart murmurs)

As for snow. It was a record breaking 70 degrees here yesterday. Pisses me off. We moved to the country at the base of a Mountain so we could have more snow. We have had one snow and it melted b4 it hit the ground. When we got the new house, we got Ty a sled...he has used it once. If we don't get any snow, we are going to take him snow tubing at the ski resort an hour from us.

Nicole said...

Ellie I will keep you in my thoughts and hope all goes well.
Sometimes people are so unaware of what women go thru to have a baby.
My sister in law spotted a couple of times, but she is doing good now and the baby is due April 13th.

I had terrible morning sickness for almost the duration of both pregnancies. I ended up being on medication with my daughter for 6 months out of the pregnancy. I can sympathize with the fun being taken out of the pregnancy. I have never felt more worse or yicky all those months in my entire life. The bonus is, that they both are so healthy and neither of them has ever spent a day in a hospital, so that at least makes up for it.

Keep me posted on how you are feeling and I am here for ya if you ever need someone to talk to.

Sara asked about you on the phone this am. She sends her best wishes as well, and says to have a Merry Christmas.
Her house has been hit with the flu with a vengence. Her mom is also visiting, and lives very far away from Sara. She hadn't seen Sara's girls for 3 years. I guess poor Grandma got the flu too!!!

Ellie said...

my boss aka mother in law, is also sick. she said she was going to come into work today...I told her to stay home...I don't need to get sick, especially right now.

Thanks for the best wishes.
Tell Sara I hope her house feels better soon!

Woozie said...

It NEVER snows round these parts. It's always 75 and sunny or 35 and raining. Not even freezing rain at that, just really cold rain.

Ellie said...

That's right woozie...and montgomery county never misses school!!!