Monday, November 05, 2007

Bad Bad Ebayer calif143 (Read till the end y'all)

This is what I bought from ebay seller calif143

This is what was delivered to me

Do they look the same to you? Look close now.
First, it was supposed to be new. It didn't come in the original packaging which is okay, but then I realized, hey..this isn't the same item. This is the older version of the storytime theater. They don't sell the cartridges anymore. Then I tried it, it didn't focus, it was blurry and hard to read. I was very unhappy since it was supposed to be a gift for my son. I sent the seller an email..actually 3 in a row, letting her know the different things wrong with her listing. Telling her how disappointed I was and I wanted my money back. She refused by saying she sold the item according to it's description, which she got off of she put down the item description for the wrong item, and pictured a different item then she sent. She also wrapped it up in her old towels. Why would I want my child playing with something that was wrapped in someones old scuzzy towels? Don't you wipe your ass with towels? She finally agreed to take it back if I overnighted it next day and she wouldn't refund my $15 shipping I paid her to get it. Unacceptable. So I would have to pay more than $20 to overnight it back to her???

We emailed back and forth back and forth and I finally retorted:

AGAIN you cow...the item pictured was not what you
sent. I sent you a pic of what you gave me. I sent
you 3 emails consecutively. Sooo sorry if they
weren't at the same time. I was upset. I got a
different item wrapped in your old scuzzy towels
that you have probably wiped your ass don't
give me that crap.
I am not paying more $ to send it back to your
cheap ass. okay..I might as well have gone out and
bought a new one by the time I send it back to you.
The shipping would total more than what I paid for
Stop emailing me now...go through pay pal or
ebay...b/c you suck at this ebay thing, and as a
person in general. Like I want my kid playing with
something that was wrapped in your old towels...I
don't who the hell you are or what kind of disease
you carry...but evidently it has effected your

I thought she might carry diseases b/c she gave me some sob story about how she works how many jobs as a nurse and blah blah blah..I really didn't care. Then she told me I was sick for writing her such an email and reported me to Ebays customer relations. This woman IS such a cow... I think you should tell her so, here is her email okay, so that's a little mean..what ever, she needs to refund my $. You don't have to email her..but I am not stopping you either. You didn't get it from here though.

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Just Dave said...

E-bay polices their sellers from what I have heard so send them the same info if you have not alredy done so and let them take action. You can also write a seller review for this criminal letting people know she is a fraud.

e.Craig said...

I think Just Dave's advice is spot on, but that cautious part of me that sometimes raises its pretty head wants to advise to report only facts, no opinions, accusation of fraud, etc.
Like Just Dave said .. write a seller review .. facts only. Trust me, people will be wary about buying from her.
But I'm curious, Ellie. How many sales does this eBayer have under her belt? What's her seller rating?
And, I'm sorry you had to have that experience.

Ellie said...

I already left negative feedback. She was`at a 5, but now has a 4. I should have bought from an established seller.
Thing is, she paid to have a mediator take care of it...why do that? just giveme my $ back..don't spend more on something else. She wants the negative feedback removed.

paz y amor said...

I've never bought anything from EBAY for this exact reason. FOlks are sketchy, especially when they send shit in old towels.... EWWW!

Nikky said...

I buy stuff on Ebay occasionally, but I have "rules" about who I buy from... must have over 50 transactions, and their feedback rating MUST be 100%. Really limits my options, but I have never been burned by a scumbag or their nasty towels (yet!)
So this mediator, what did they decide? Do you get reimbursed?

Ellie said...

That's just it, the mediator doesn't do anything but mediate. The two parties have to agree on a mutual decision. She paid a mediator, I filed a claim with paypal. I think I will win in this situation.

Just Dave said...

I have purchased some old books on E-Bay but I follow the same rules as Nikki. I have been lucky up to now.

Unless the mediation is binding on both parties, it's a waste of time.

RWA said...

You should definitely report her to Ebay. She advertised a different item - and new.

They will handle it.

If you paid by Paypal, file a complaint with them too. They can take the money from her account and credit yours back.

I had a situation once where I didn't get something I ordered. The guy wouldn't respond to e-mail. I checked his feedback, and there were 15-20 people who had not gotten stuff they paid for.

It took a little work, but I e-mailed all of them and started a group. Most of us filed legal charges for mail fraud. The guy ended up pleading guilty to seven counts of mail fraud, having to pay restitution, and spending some time in jail.

Slick said...

She paid for a mediator as a stall tactic I'm sure....

From what I read in this post and the pictures I see, you have a strong case!