Monday, November 26, 2007

The power of a handshake

Yesterday, hubby, the kids and I, were signed up as church greeters (yes I go to church bitches) :)
As I shook the hands of people going into the service I couldn't help but critique thier handshakes. I mean, I have a firm handshake. I think it gives me presence and let's you know that I am interested. Then there are those that extend their hand and it's like shaking hands with a cold dead fish. No grip, no firmness, no eye contact....nada....and you think...why even shake my hand.

I think that a good handshake is really important. Don't you?


e.Craig said...

Absolutely! A firm handshake is a welcome handshake. Those "dead fish" ones give me the creeps.

Just Dave said...

I agree. A good firm handshake (not a bone breaker) with eye contact shows sincerity to me.

Rhianna said...

You sure you don't have a bit of TEXAN in you? We take our handshakes pretty serious, and this post could have been written by one of my countrymen (not me, not enough cussin'). :)

Jahooni said...

I hate when girls barely shake hands! Whimpy Ass handshakes suck!

Ellie said...

Jahooni, you think the women are's just creepy when the hand is a guys

Texan in me Rhi...maybe I dunno. I know I have a bit of fighting Irish!