Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do you trust everything you eat? When eating out?

Awhile back, my brother Phil came to me and the following conversation took place...

"Hey did you hear the health dept shut down The Wall?"

"Naw, that's like my favorite Chinese place."

"I know, you like, eat there all the time don't you?"

" you know why they got shut down?"

Phil gets a smirk on his face and replies in a high pitch"Can you say 'woof woof'?"

I almost died...but barfing seemed like a quick solution.

Turns out the health dept sprung a unannounced check up on the joint and what did they find hanging in the freezer? Yup..little pup pups. The owner insisted it was for his own personal use, but the health dept. wasn't buying it.

Makes you wonder, can you really trust the people preparing your food when you eat out? After all you don't personally know them they were your mom or something. When working at Wendy's when I was a teenager, I had a friend who thought it was funny to lick the hamberger buns before putting the burgers on. Then we would both have a good laugh watching people eat them. If you saw the guy licking the burger buns...oh even the thought of it...I throw up in my mouth a little....

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