Monday, November 12, 2007

Someone Save Me.........

That was the title of the email I got last night From my brother.

This was the email...(picture and all)

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Its Veterans day...shouldn't I get the day off since I'm a veteran?



That made me sad. It's true. When we think of Veterans most times, we think Vietnam Vet...well what about today's Veterans? Do we think about them in our daily lives?

"Someone save me" was the title of his email. If my brother was out saving so many others for so long, you have to think.. who was there to save him and his fellow military? I wish I could say our President, but I really don't think so. I know the title of his email was in jest, save me from work...but I couldn't help but read a bit more into it.

If you put it into perspective, Military save...but really they are the end of the line. They know it, but do we as Americans know it? Do we really know the sacrifice they have made for our safety and the safety of the world itself? It's a shame that even knowing that simple fact, people are still less and less likely to sign up for a military job. Sooner or later, I think, the draft will come back. And all the military want...respect, security for them and their families, a place forever remembered, job security, health care, honour. What is so wrong with that? Especially since they are willing to give up their most precious commodity, their lives, for ours.

Whether or not you think the war is wrong or right, our military deserve remembrance. To me, they have earned their place in Heaven. More so than I ever will. I never had the balls to even consider a military job, and I begged my brothers not to join for my own selfish reasons.

This past week, Maryland's governor O'malley just passed the highest tax increase in the state's history. No one really knows where the money is going to go. I wonder if our military will receive any of it? Just a thought.

To all the Veterans out there...Thank you.

To my brother...Thank you....................................Thank You Jonathan.


e.Craig said...

My hat is off to your brother, and to you who are his family back home. Not to diminish his sacrifice, but you, his family, are also making one.
And it's his kind of humor that helps keep those young men and women going in our theaters of war. They are veterans in the making. Those who live and those who die.

RWA said...

Thanks to you, your brother and all of the fine men and women of our military. They deserve all of those things you mentioned - and more.

Just Dave said...

May God watch over your brother and all the other brave men and women who have raised their hands to stand between us and war. They are heroes, every one of them.