Friday, November 23, 2007

A song of black friday

Today was Friday, and it was Black
As I drove down the pitch black street at 5 something a.m.... I slowly approached the lights that seemed so small in the distance. Every second they grew brighter and I neared the mall my eyes widened and my jaw dropped....park? ...park where? It seemed like everyone and their mama was out shopping today. So I decide to skip the hustle and bustle of Sears and head over to Target, where the real sales were. I get to Target and there is a line that stretches down the street and around the building. Michael got called into I had the children with me. And that was just the beginning of the nastiness.
Sing to the tune of Sleigh Ride (you can make it work)
Just hear those salvation army bells
Jing Jing Jinglin Too...
Come on it's lovely weather
for black friday shopping for you
Outside cars horns are beeping
and people screaming 'F* You"
you can call me crazy I love black Friday
shopping for you
Giddy up Giddy up giddy up let's go
don't say you don't know
grab your overpriced starbux and goo
giddy up giddy up igddy up it's grand
no It's really a grand
We're gliding along with the bitch of a black friday wonderland
Our cheeks are nice and rosy uncomfty and cozy are we
we're snuggled up together in crowd of shoppers you and me
let's take the path before us and scream a chorus or two
Come on let's ditch this shit I hate black friday shopping for you
Just to let you know, I was the better woman, and avoided any fights this season!


e.Craig said...

Great song. I was actually playing the music in my head as I read the words. By the way .. I don't do Black Friday. No need to explain why either.   ;-)

Just Dave said...

Very nice tune. I do 98% of my shopping on line since I am still on parole from the last time I went out on Black Friday.