Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vibrators Banned Alabama No Sex Toy Law

Mass Hysteria soon to follow!
In Alabama you can sell guns on a street corner, but you can't sell sex toys!!! If you violate the law, you can face up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine, but if you sell a gun to a minor, that is a $500 fine.

This law was passed in 1998 originally, and was upheld yesterday in court.
Under this law, if you have more than can be charged with intent to distribute. You can only have a personal massager if it doesn't look like a dildo.
You can cross state lines to buy them, but wouldn't you get charged with smuggling them in. So they don't ban the use of owning 'one', but you have to drive out of the state to get it. Alabama still sells shit like Viagra..and you can have a vibrator for medical reasons (like treating women for Hysteria back in the day)

"Alabama's Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act prohibits, among other things, the commercial distribution of 'any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs for any thing of pecuniary value.'"

They say that letting sex toy merchants in could open the door to legalization of undesirable sexual behavior such as prostitution. That seems like a far stretch. Buying sex toys for personal use is going to lead to prostitution??? Ridiculous. I think that is an infringement on my rights. The government is telling me I can't masterbate? nor can my husband and I have a little fun with batteries???

"Hysteria was thought to be a consequence of lack of sexual intercourse. For centuries hysteria was believed by many to lead to inflammation of the uterus, which necessitated the expulsion of fluids to prevent it from wandering away from its anatomical home and possibly suffocating the woman who housed it. Physicians ranging from Hippocrates to Freud believed they had to coax the wandering womb back to its proper place or size with "massage treatments." A description of such a treatment reads like a cross between a medical report and soft-core pornography. The Greek physician Galen (AD 129-c. 216) noted that:

"'Following the warmth of the remedies and arising from the touch of the genital organs required by the treatment, there followed twitchings...From that time on she was free of all the evil she felt.'"

So they created the vibrator.
I think Alabama..sooner or later, might have the streets overrun with Hysterical women (and men) screaming about the evils they are feeling with in "Oh Lord Save me!!! Cure the aching pains I feel and my wandering womb!!! "


Hypersonic said...

Pssst....It's becaus ewomena aren't supposed to enjoy the dirty deed y' all.

Just Dave said...

I wish government, state and federal, would just stay the hell out of the bedroom. There are still states where it is technically illegal to be a homosexual. This sex toy stuff is just crazy.

In a related story, I do understand that sales of hand-held shower massage units are up 79% in Alabama.

Woozie said...


I should move down to Alabama...

paz y amor said...

How ironic. I just think it's another way to subjugate women. WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE DO IN THEIR BEDROOMS!!!

e.Craig said...

Tell me that pic on the left is NOT a vibrator. Of course I've "heard" that guys in Alabama are allowed to marry their sisters as young as 6. So maybe that explains it. ;-)
I'm also saddened to read that only women are subject to hysteria from lack of sex. For a moment I thought I had my medical condition figured out. ;-)

Ellie said...

Hype: yes we are supposed to enjoy, just as much as men, but in many countries they don't believe that...and the US used to be that way back in the day. I think Alabama, being a southern state, is a little behind on the times.

Dave: your right. In many states sodomy is illegal. I know it's all biblical and shit, but church and state are supposed to be separate, the government has forgotten its own rule. ( Not that I like it in the exit zone or anything, just saying)

Woozie; I thought of you as more of a free thinker not a conservatist, I don't think you would fit in there

Paz; I second that

Ecraig; I don't know what to say to help ya out there man...

Nicole said... are HILARIOUS!!!

Ellie...I have to say, it's stories like this that bring out the CRACKER images.
the good ole boys who made this up, probably also believe that that women shouldn't be voting!

Ellie said...

Nic we should go down there and burn some bras!!!

Ellie said...

ps ecraig....yes that is a vibrator. It is a hello kitty dildo.

Cute huh? I prefer the old school version, one that actually looks like a penis

e.Craig said...

ellie - Having wee granddaughters, I'm quite familiar with Hello Kitty. Who the hell would buy one of those?

nicole - Glad you didn't say I was hysterical. ;-)

Nicole said...

well, your witty comments sometimes make me hysterical!!!! :-P