Wednesday, November 07, 2007

video post

was thinking about doing a YouTube video post. I would record myself and post it...anyone else up to the challenge?


e.Craig said...

Between "YouTube" and "Blogger Video" I have posted a lot of videos. I think you will enjoy your "YouTube" experience.
Now ... don't procrastinate on us. I'm looking forward to seeing your video. I'm waiting ......   ;-)

Ellie said...

ecraig, I have been trying to post a blogger and it keeps saying there is an error..after waiting 3 hours for a download. I used youtub, but the sound came on before the video started. It was like watching an old kung foo movie.

Just Dave said...

I don't have a wide angle lens so that lets me out.

e.Craig said...

I use my Firefox browser when posting a video on Blogger. YouTube seems to like that and my Safari browser equally well.
I'm not familiar with your problems. What browser are you using?

Ellie said...

uuuh ecraig, what's a browser?

I tape the video with my lifecam and then download it to you tube.

Blogger just keeps popping up an error when I try to download.

I even went to youtube and tried to record the video and stream it right then and there, but it wouldn't turn the cam on.

It's been rough man. I had a compelling post too, so I was left with posting about dogs wife's boobs.

e.Craig said...

Blogger Status
Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blogger is currently experiencing issues with video upload. Our engineers are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

Posted by Jessica at 17:21 PDT

Got this From Blogger Status link. That explains that.

Your browser is what you use to surf the net, or go directly to a favorite website or blog. Most PC owners use Internet Explorer. Many have switched to Firefox. If you are having trouble uploading a video to YouTube using Internet Explorer, my advice would be to try Firefox. It can be easily downloaded for free. Simply type the word firefox in your browser, and it should be smart enough to take you to the Firefox website where you'll see a download button.