Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And to think your movie made me cry!

Aren't you glad you posed for pics with your fans right before your arrest dumb ass!

And to think that I agreed with you when you said your movie didn't portray the Jews in a bad light... then I turn on the radio and hear the nasty derogatory comments that spewed through your drunken mouth! You may be a great actor and producer but you are also an IDIOT, a BIGOT, a DRUNK, and now VERY UNATTRACTIVE, you stupid fool! And as you predicted poor Mel... I really think you put an end to your long time accredited and respected career! It enrages me when stupid drunk fucktards such as yourself, get behind the wheel and recklessly take the lives of others on the road into their own hands. I have a two year old you dumb fuck!!!! Maybe you don't think your life is worth shit, but his is and I am sure the other drivers on the road feel the same way! If you do get into movies, it will only be behind the camera dear, because no one will pay to see your shit face again! YOU SUCK!


Nicole said...

You know, I discussed this with my friend Zac the other day and Zac is also a Jew.
I actually refused to watch the Passion of the Christ movie, because within the last years I have found gibson to be too much of a right-wing catholic nut and I decided that this movie is obviously HIS spin on things. I was baptized catholic, but { as it must be obvious} I do not agree with sooo much of that religion. Actually, I am not a huge fan of organized religion altogether. How many more wars, and how many more innocent people will die because of religious fanatics???
Zac and I are going to boycott his movies, Zac actually thinks that the only one worth watching is Braveheart, and the only gibson movie I own, is Signs, which is actually an M. Night movie and to me the star in it is Joaquin Phoenix!!!

Ellie said...

I am not right wing anything. My hubby is Catholic, but I won't raise my son Catholic b/c I don't believe that you have to go through a priest to get to God.
I am presbyterian (sp) and our son was baptised so, but we really just want a church that makes us feel like we belong. So far we have not found that.

Ellie said...

as far as good ol' melly boy...I will not watch his movies now.. and I have loved everyone of them. It really is a shame.

Nicole said...

I converted to United which is what my husband is. ....when you are 19 years old, and find out that to be married in the Catholic church, your intended must jump thru fricken pope hoops, and then be expected to be abstinate { we were living together and I was you think that was going to work??? hahaha....I STILL have to beat him off with a stick!!! LOL}, so I happily switched. A church that we have attended, I really like the minister, he is only 41 years old, and has 2 girls under 10, so he gets it. Plus he is a HUGE Rider fan, which makes him good in my books. It's the other, older church members that turn me off of attending at all.
Lots of time I question everything anyway, and I really hate being a hypocrite, attending.

Ellie said...

That is why we didn't get married Catholic. We had a beautufil church picked out, and when I found out what I had to go through...a year of planning wasn't enough. But I loved my wedding and the church, so it all worked out in the end.

Grins said...

Don't hold back Ellie. Actually I agree with you, he is an idiot. A friend of mine has told me stories of him for years so I'm not as surprised as some. Ohhhh and thanks for renting out the room. ;-)

Ellie said...

me hold back...never!

No prob about the having you here!