Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So there I was, minding my own business, driving on our 30 mile per hour street, listening to giggly children's music on our way to daycare & work, when a peircing screeetching sound made the pitt of my stomach feel like an empty vast black hole. Some F***tard going too fast in the rain after we just had a mini drought and any dumb ass person would know the roads are alittle slicker, couldn't stop at the stop sign. So the bitch almost ran into me and side swiped me on the side of my two year old son. Talk about almost having a heart attack.
So many things race through your mind. If it was an accident, fine whatever, but when your being careless and you put the life of my two year old in danger because your a freakin idiot..I have to think about what I would do. I have to draw on past experiences b4 I had Ty...I would have gotten out of the car and spitted out a slew of hateful nasty curse words and possibly thrown a punch b/c the other driver was stupid. So Say he just "tapped" me...once I figured out that my son was okay...I really think that I would get out of the car spitted out a slew of hatefy nasty F' you's you dirty son of a Bleeps and so on and so forth...but would hold back the punch...what good is a mother in jail. Doesn't mean I wouldn't bitch slap the driver if he was a dude! I think I'd get away with it...what about you?
Funny how your way of thinking changes when there are other more important things at stake.


RWA said...

I agree completely. I like to think that I drive safely, but I seem to be extra cautious when I have passengers (particularly my parents or my nephew).

I have to refrain from cussing at idiots who cut me off or drive 40 in the left lane when they're in the car, as well as avoiding the occasional "hand signal."

And, yes, I think you would get away with a "bitch slap" if it was a guy.

mist1 said...

There is nothing wrong with a few choice words directed at the offending long as you turn around and say sweetly, "don't ever let Mommy hear you use those words."