Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally the smack!!!

I love the girls and fellas at
They give blog reviews, and are not always "nice", but that is the fun of it all.

Even though I didn't get any smacks (I was hoping for one) I wasn't a total loser. It was the music that did me in! I knew it would be as I said in one of my previous posts. . But atleast I had dedicated a song to them!

My other pittfalls.. the explanation of why I spelled "Irks" / "Erks". She didn't care, she just didn't feel I needed to explain... well I took it down b/c if the girls at IT2M, don't care, neither do I.
Next, my pretty pics in my side bar...I liked em' but I took those down too.
Finally, my dirtly little side bar. Can't help it. I don't know how to blog roll, I like my links... I have to give props to my loyal bloggers!

Thanks Merciless Minx... I love your site and will stay ever so loyal..! Maybe one day I will earn a smack! :)
All of my readers should definately check them out!
**update** I got my smack back for not being so annoying and receptive to cheek isn't too red...I must say, I enjoy a little slap every now & then! **wink wink**


kitty kat said...

I liked your blog as it was. *shrugs*

Mike said...

Gotta love a good sport when so many people go nuts over their review. Props to you for that.

Christie said...

congrats on the smackage :)

Ellie said...

I will leave the goin' nuts to Jamie Lee :)

Nicole said... true to you!!! If they didn't like something, I would KEEP IT ON!!! I guess it is just my rebel nature. I also have authority problems too {sigh}

Ellie said...

To be honest...those were the things I debated...
I added the Erk explanation b/c too many complained about the misspelling. Irk was already taken if people must know...
The pics I took down..wasn't really sure if I liked them.
The music, it wasn't the first complaint..was the only thing I was iffy about. I get the point of it though.

Faith said...

Found you through IT2M, I like your blog...very funny. And I have to say I laughed my ass off over the Jamie Lee thing; can't wait to ruin certain people's fantasies :D :D

Cat said...

I think you handled yourself nicely. The blog is looking good. At least you didn't come in the comments and go nuts like we've had happen lately. You took the jokes as jokes and the suggestions as suggestions.