Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The political debate....Here I go!!!!

After my Cindy Sheehan post, something inside of me wanted to I a true Republican. My views are not as strong as most Republicans and I seem to but heads with my family on a ton of political issues. And unlike many people, I do not like to incite political debates that lead into screaming matches. But I got a little wine in me last night and my dinner table turned into a "who can talk the loudest" match. My mother and my mother in law came over for dinner...die hard Republicans.
I took some political test online and it said that I was more of a reformist, but a secondary party would be Republican for me.
Do we truly know for sure which side of the fence we are on, or is there a middle ground? After all I voted for Bush, but really cannot stand him...second term only... First term, I think that he acted the best he new how to 911 and I think he was a strong leader during the time of our nations tragedy...Many Democrats would agree I think. But his second term has been nothing but me questioning the "good intentions" of our leader. I am a Republican that believes in same sex marriage...for good brother is gay. He deserves the same rights as anyone. I am Pro-life, but do not indulge in the abortion debate.. it is my personal belief. I do not believe building a wall around the United States as a good stance on illegal immigration...Remember Communist China had a Great Wall! I do not like the social security system and am for a 401k plan...I do not believe that I will ever see the $25000 I have invested in social security thus far. I do not like the current tax brackets. With Hubby's and my income I enter a different bracket, but still...really just get by. I do not know where I stand on the Death Penalty..that is a .."if I face that situation, I will know," kinda thing. I believe in looking for other source of power other than oil. I think that the electoral college needs changing, that they should HAVE to vote the way their citizens voted. I believe in a strong home based military and a well taken care of military. My brother is a Marine and could die doing his job...he should be honored. I believe teachers and education needs taken care of. I think that foreign affairs are very important, BUT, some societies need to be left alone.
My mother in law said "I will change you", but with the old school way of thinking, I don't think you will.
So I guess this is the first time I have been really open about my views.. Please don't scream at me....they are my views ...I respect and ALWAYS listen to what others have to say as well. Open to change I suppose.....
so am I a Republican???


Nicole said...

El...even if people scream at you, be true to you.

I have to say...your president scares the hell out of me. But, my PM is kinda scary himself.

I don't think I could ever have an abortion, nor do I think it should be used as birth control, but I do have a huge problem with deciding that for others. Plus I have worked with kids for 16 years and I know firsthand how some people should have NEVER been parents. ooohh some people might not like that comment.
I do think that if you murder a deserve the death penalty. No questions asked.....

Nicole said...

oh yeah...the gay issues make me sick. It is nobody's business when 2 consenting adults sleep together and if 2 people can find each other , like each other enough and WANT to spend their lives together...all the power to them. When committed couples stay together, they deserve each other's benefits and all the other 'joys' marriage brings

Ellie said...

About the death penalty..being a mother.. I totally agree with you.

I don't feel comfortable deciding about abortions for others as well. I DO however, feel that 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions should be done away with. With "medical reason" exceptions. Some women who have 3, 4 , 5 abortions in a life time is sick to me. But my personal descision would never be to have one. I once had a friend that didn't feel like she could come to me about her having an abortion..when I confronted her..telling her that I wanted to be there for her if that was what she decided to do...she cried. I would never drive someone to the clinic, but I would take them in and emotionally nurse them after the fact. I could never turn my back on a friend.

Thank you Nic for your comments!

Alistair! said...

K el...I've been off air for a while but liked this post. Your views are your view, if all is said and done we are supposedly living in a democracy ( you in the land of the Great Satan and I in the land of the Teeny-tiny Satan. So here's a democratic response: Though I don't know the reasons your brother joined the Marines, I would have to guess that he did so because he wanted to, knowing full well that he would, in theory, have to go into some conflict or other. He wasn't drafted, so he's probably a brave guy, but he's doing his job. I wish I got medals and honours for doing mine.

Abortion, I'm a man so what right do I have to ave an opinion about that?

With you on same-sex marriages and the wall/immigration thing.

Hey! You're a liberal!

Ellie said...

Thank you for that too... I think even if my brother weren't gay, I would feel the same way. The issue arised when a Florida couple wanted to adopt their foster children, 7 of them, and the state ended up taking the children away. All 7 children were HIV+ or dying of AIDS.
As it stands right now, gay couples have a hard time adopting, and older children have a less chance of being adopted add a disease or a mental disablity on top of that...let's be realistic. I would rather that child be living in a nurturing caring home rather than a state institution.

Ellie said...

Alistair....Me Big Satan...and you Tiny Satan... that's not nice..hmf!

I do understand that my brother had a choice. But the thing about my brother...he was a highschool drop out. Working in a gas station. Facing..not much of anything. He wasn't a drop out b/c he was stupid, quite the contrary..he was too smart. But from a split home and lack of motivation it seemed like the only option for him to do right..was to enter the Marines. I think it really was the best decision for him. I respect that the military "chooses" to enter and protect us. I respect that our Leader stood up for us. I do not however like the way the war was handled..."During". I think that the plan should have been a little more developed in the long term sense. I am surprised that your Democratic view did not agree with me.. or maybe I mis-understood.

I thought that the same sex marriage thingy and the immigration thingy was a democratic debate as well...

See I am so confused.

Nicole said...

That is awful about the children that obviously nobody else wanted, and then because the loving parents are gay...removed from the house? Sometimes things in this world of ours REALLY make me question why I had live in such a f***ed place....

Yes, abortion SHOULD never be used as birth control, I wonder if the more a woman has, the easier it would think that it haunts you.
I might drive a friend depending on the situation, unless I was really disgusted with her for the reasons. I can honestly say, nobody in my life has ever confessed to having one. Where I live, I don't think it was too easy to get one. I remember when I was 17, my boyfriend at the time told me his friend's sister had one and they had to leave our province to get it.
I'm torn El, on the war business. Yes, I fully support troops, but sometimes I question the presence and I have nightmares when soldiers are taken and brutally murdered. 2 Canadian soldiers were killed in the last 2 weeks that were actually from my city. It really makes me cry

Ellie said...

I know how you feel.. my brothers infantry worked with the first that were kidnapped and tortured. I believe that those people were only medical staff too.

Ellie said...

Also Alistair...I don't think I could vote liberal...I have never had too much faith in their elected candidates... I need help.

Big D said...

I'm a heathen conservitive myself. Which basically means I'm for the war and lowering tax for everybody including the rich and social issues are none of the governements issues. Which includes gay marriage and abortion. I'm also against funding research for the sake of funding research. Do drug companies pay the governement back after their drugs earn billions? Hell no.

Nicole said...

How would I do a Guest Host?
I'm down with it, I'll think of something right up YOUR alley!!! :-D

Ellie said...

Big Dan.. I never thought about the drug research aspect. I think drug research is very important, but more importantly, those drugs that seem to be miracles need to be provided to the people at affordable costs. Health care companies shouldn't get to pick and choose.

Thank you for your comments.
I enjoyed your site very much!

Larry Sadler said...

Hi Ellie, I'll start off by saying that I'm reading a book called The Book of the Angel Rezial by Steve Savedow, so that tells you where I'm at right now in life.

I can't judge any reason or thought that a person has. I can only say that your heart seems very Big.

On the gay issue like you I see no problem with it. I feel that what a person do in his or her private life is just that, private.

I can't think of what a gay person has done to me to make me hate them or tell them what is right or wrong, remember Matthew 7:1-5.

I can't say if you are a reformist, but it's a good start. Even though I vote on the Democrat card, I don't let a party rule me or follow or believe everything that I'm told by that party.

I try to vote for the person who is right for the job, who will help this country and its people.

In reference to abortion, I'm a man and I don't have a right to tell any woman what to do when it comes to having or not having a child. I think how you feel about it is just about right.

I'm in the process of closing on a new Home in October and I've decided to keep the one that I'm in now and maybe rent it out, so as to tax bracket, I'll just say that GOD has bless a lot of People and let's not forget, Jesus did not spend alot of time with the rich, he spent and helped the poor.

As far as this War, blesset are the peace makers seems to stand out in my mind, and I can't find a peace maker in President Bush's Administration.

I know that most people don't like my views because they are twisted with religious thoughts.

Over all I feel that your views show a lot of heart and care for others.

Thanks Ellie for allowing my comments.

Ellie said...

Funny you should say that Larry, I am registered Democrat but have always voted Republican. It was a weird class experiment my highschool history teacher did. He made us take tests to decide which party we were then had us register since we were 18. I don't think a few questions could decide.

Last night my friend, Ang, said she considered herself a "moderate" republican...I said ..unfortunatly you are Republican or your not...but I think she questions the same things I do.

As far as the Religion..I think that if more people looked to the bible for answers to make their decisions..the world would be a better place...but then the question arises "Who's Bible?"

There will always be something to debate I suppose.

I like your comments and your honesty Larry. I will definately be back to visit soon!

Nicole said...

Larry sounds like a really nice guy.
Larry, like I said to El, be true to you, and who cares if people don't like you for your beliefs.
I have no problems with people being religious, only when they use the god to spurn hate, for wars, to be racist, etc. AS IF....what god would want their name used for all those reasons. When people say in the bible gay people are deviants, it totally sickens me.
There are lots of "stories" in the bible that don't look to good for women either....

Mindless Dribbler said...

To be honest...I consider myself an "independent". I vote for whoever.

Bushy eyebrows? Nope. Big fat hairy hands? Nope.

But seriously, some of your views I'd challenge...some I'd agree with. But that's what makes this country so great...

Ellie said...

M'D Challenge me....That is what I am loving about this post... I would love to hear all opinions!

RWA said...

You sound more Republican than Democrat to me.

I'm for tax cuts - and controlled spending by the government.

I believe that immigration must be revised, but I'm not sure a wall is the answer.

I believe our military men and women should have all the supplies and equipment they need, and everyone should honor them for their commitment and sacrifice.

I am for the death penalty, but only because I have personally been involved in two incidents where it came into question.

I love your blog, by the way. I have spent a while reading almost all of th recent posts.