Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cockroach Invaders

On my way to work this morning, I made my usual call to hubby. He answered the phone in a panic ... "Hey Hunny..wait one second!" Then there was all this clammering and rustling about, I hear 3 voices..."pull the wall back...yeah that's rightaaaaaahhh gross!!" "uuugg...aaaah...there they are!" "Oh nooooooo!!!!"
Then Hubby returns "Baby I gotta call ya back" I ask what is going on, "well this lady has a bit of a cockroach problem!" I immediately crinched and let out a whine! When Hubby calls back there are still three voices whining. He went on to explain that they pulled the wall off the house they were remodeling and a flood of cockroaches invaded their space. Hubby made a WHOOSH sound to describe the flood of pesky suckers. He said the homeowner was freaking out. "what, like she didn't know she had that many cockroaches..gimme a break!" Hubby then went on to explain they were in a townhome and the roaches were from the house next door!!!! I think I would die! What do you do? I would go next door and have a stern talk with the dirty little nasty next door. If it was a money thing I think I would have to pay to get their house "debugged" ...after I called the health department. Now that they let them in...whose to say one or two little critters aren't hiding under her bed!

My skin crawls just thinking about it!


Nicole said...

alright El...I didn't need my stomach turning this early in the AM.....on my holidays to boot!!
That is so freaking gross!!!!

RWA said...

Ugh...that is nasty!!!!

I can't even begin to imagine that many cockroaches all over the place. I would have to leave and call a pest control company to come clean the place up...

Jen said...

I would move..
I would have my shit packed up
so fast!!

Nicole said...

RWA...I don't even think I could continue living there anymore.
I have a very bad gag reflex { haha El...leave THAT one alone LOL}

If I even smell anything too nasty, I start gaging....never mind seeing all those bugs in my house and stuff

Dwayne said...

I've heard that for every one you see, there are two or three you don't see. I've also heard to never ever step on them because you get the eggs on their shoe and bring them home. Aren't you glad I gave you something else to worry about? Now go spray his shoes. Quick!

Girl In Her Underwear said...

Thank you! I now have material for my nightmares tonight! :)

Ellie said...

OMG!!!! RWA !!!! I am on the phone with hubby right now!!!!

Jen...We are talking about Washington DC...Some of those folks don't have the option. But that is a BIG problem down there. Maybe she could rent the place out!

Nic..I had a beer at lunch..I swigged it down so fast I really think I am drunk right now!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Nicole said...

El...I would LOVE to get drunk with you!!!
man...think of the fun...think of the mayhem...
think of the TROUBLE!!!

maybe there IS a reason we live in different countries!!! LOL

mist1 said...

Oh. My. Gawd. I am not okay.

I once saw an army of albino roaches crawl out of a hole in the wall at a friend's house.

Yeah. Albino.

theothermichelle said...

I would have freaked if I saw a flood of roaches! That's what sucks about living in a building with other tenants. If one person gets them, everyone gets them. Ewww.