Monday, August 14, 2006

Somebody help her...

I don't normally get sucked into the headlines...normally there is 1/2 to no truth...but pictures really don't lie. Nicole Ritchie really needs help. Her friends and family need to do an intervention or something. She is a beautiful girl, I would hate for something to happen to her. Especially when it could have been avoided.


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Ellie said...

I think this might be spam.... hmmm, on a blog comments page.. weird!

Big D said...

That photo is scary. This is someone who can eat.

Mindless Dribbler said...

Stuff about 4 lbs of Hershey's chocolate down her throat and make her 6 milkshakes.

Geeez, that's kind of a nasty picture there...

RWA said...

I saw something the other day where Nicole was quoted about a photographer who shouted at her that she looked disgusting and needed to eat a hamburger (or pizza, or something like that).

She was all upset and apparently went up to his car and asked him why he would say such hateful things. She asked him what if she was sick (suffered from anorexia) and so on.