Monday, August 14, 2006

I got this email this morning...

I got this email this morning. The opinion expressed in the following is not nessecarily mine, but it was quite disturbing. I am not a fan of the Iraq war, never have been. Afterall, My baby brother is a Marine that has been sent there twice already. I guess he is no longer my baby brother, but a hero to many. I always sympathized with Cindy S., but never really took the time to learn about her situation. If this is all true, it deeply saddens me. I hope that it isn't. My opinions about Bush are still the same, regardless. I respect all political opinions Republican or Democratic. I think that I am the only Republican in my family that actually politically butts heads with the other Republicans in my family. My other brother, Phil, the genius, is a Democrat...they are interesting conversations as well.
Ever wonder what the expression "stuck on stupid" meant?
Well here is an example:
The grinning idiot clinging to Je$$e Jack$on is Cindy Sheehan... the sob sister protesting the war at Bush's ranch, who lost her son in the war, the same son she gave up in her divorce when he was 7 years old.

And by the way if you wonder why she has so much free time ... she is going through another divorce right now and guess what? She is giving
up custody of another son.

As Forest Gump once wisely proclaimed, "Stupid is as stupid does."

What Is This Picture?

Obviously, it's a picture in a cemetery. What cemetery and whose grave?

Sadly, it's the grave of Casey Sheehan. After two years, and a DoD payment of $250,000 to the "Peace Mom", Cindy Sheehan has not had the time or bothered to have a headstone placed on this young hero's grave.
And, she doesn't even have to pay for one, the DoD will provide one:

"The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a government headstone or marker for the grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world . For all deaths occurring before September 11, 2001, the VA may provide a headstone or marker only for graves that are not marked with a private headstone.

Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available. The style chosen must be consistent with existing monuments at the place of burial. Niche markers are also available to mark columbaria used for internment of cremated remains."

Apparently she can find time to protest on at least 3 continents, get arrested various times, go on vacation in Hawaii, have photo ops with the Marxists in Venezuela, but can't seem to find the time to properly mark her son's grave.

Sorry if I offend anyone with this post.


Larry Sadler said...

I think this post is just down right mean.

If you cared to examine President Bush, as closely as you seem to have examined Cindy Sheehan and her personal life, then I don't think you would feel this way.

It appears that you can see all the fault in some people, but those that are making a fool of you just seem to go unnoticed.

Ellie said...

Dear Larry,
If you read the bottom of the posting, you would have seen the following:
"...My baby brother is a Marine that has been sent there twice already. I guess he is no longer my baby brother, but a hero to many. I always sympathized with Cindy S., but never really took the time to learn about her situation. If this is all true, it deeply saddens me."

I do examine President Bush, I do not like him.
I am not a fan of the war, but fully support our troops over there
I do not see the fault in all people, I try to accept them for who they are
I said that sypathized with Cindy...I was hoping that it wasn't true.

Ellie said...

Larry, I have modified my original post...for you.

Larry Sadler said...

Thanks, now I to must say I'm sorry for trying to judge what you posted.

We as Americans have the right to say what we please, but it is just great to know that the Cindy Sheehan's post was not your own.

I make some uneasy comments about Bush on my other site Let's Talk, but I try to give him the heart that I know he has within my comments.

So once again Thanks and forgive me for my earlier statements.

Rhianna said...

The information is correct. She is listed as Casey's "Next of Kin" according to the DOD and she's also listed as the "owner" of his grave so ONLY she can sign the paperwork to get him a headstone. She refuses to do so, even though her family has constantly requested she sign in, even though others have volunteered to pay for it (the DOD pays for a basic name-dob-dod affair). She refuses, claiming in "Vanity Fair" that she's too traumitised but she refuses to delegate as well.

Sheehan's Vanity Fair Grave Shoot. I have been to Vanity Fair and I'm not a subscriber so I can't access the photos directly. I care not a whim for that woman, she's a disgrace to her son to lay on his grave and grin for the photographers while whining about "loss" and "mourning".

I can guarentee you if my husband was killed in service he'd damn for sure have an urn with his name on it (he wants to be cremated). He wouldn't be languishing 2+ years later with nothing to signify his life and service while I made the media whore rounds to keep my name in print.

If anyone has an issue with the Iraq war, take it up with Congress. ONLY they may issue marching orders to the DOD. The President can request they do so, but he can not declare war without Congress' approval. Congress gave it.

Ellie said...

No Problem Larry... I don't think that the political debate needs to get dirty. Not everyone sees it that way... I have a post for inspired me to talk politics last night with my family.

Anonymous said...

You're right on, Ellie. So right. The peace mom is full of crap. Can't even give her son a headstone. What a pathetic excuse for a "mom".