Friday, August 11, 2006

Mommy can you turn on the light....

I HATE nightmares! I know that no-one really adores them, but I seem to have nightmares that just chill me to the bone. I sometimes find myself trying to go back to sleep to finish it with a happy ending. That never happens, I end up having a different nightmare.
I don't know what it was with me last night, but I was a total bitch, especially to hubby. The dog kept bugging me by whining all night log, I pulled a muscle in my neck at Chuck E Cheese, then I tossed and turned until about 2 am. I finally get to sleep and what happens, I have a nightmare. The first one was about wolves, a pack of them, circling my house. For some reason all the doors on my new house were broken so they kept getting in. These wolves seemed to only want one thing, my son. I woke up. 2nd dream, we finally got to go on vacation to the beach, I pretty much found myself in a Jaws movie, but this time the shark talked. The shark quickly swam through the water and grabbed like two toddlers in 1foot water. I got my son to shore, but you know when you have the dreams where you are running and running but you never seem to get far then you fall! Yup, I ran and ran, got no where, fell, dropped my son and the shark came right on up to ... WOKE UP! and yet again...3rd dream.... Zombies and Vampires attacking my family. This time I had like 3 children. I held on tightly and thought the house was secure, but the basement wasn't. At the end of the dream I was pushing on the basement door and they were pushing back and the door was coming unhinged and they got in then started to attack!
Thank God.... I woke up.
I hope I have a good Friday....damn my neck hurts.


Rhianna said...

Sweetie, it sounds like there is something you subconcious wants dealt with that you don't want to face. I don't mean that in an accusative way, but dreams are how our mind sorts out our issues. If there's something you've been worried about lately, this is probably your fears "personified" in your dream. (Psycobabble, I know, but sometimes it does help me to think out what's going on and why I'd be dreaming about it).

As for zombies - well, you need to watch some more horror movies. Zombies are my favorite. :D

Ellie said...

No..I totally agree with you. I had so much on my mind last night, I tossed and turned last night just trying to get things off my mind and go to sleep.

I totally hear ya!
I love horror movies...silent hill I think is out this weekend.

Nicole said...

I seem to have weird dreams if I drink a little certain somethin somethin.
Actually, it's amazing I don't have a nightmare EVERY night!!! j\k

Sometimes I have very scary dreams, but usually shortly after I fall asleep, or haven't had proper sleep too many days in a row. Then I have to take a little green pill and I don't remember NOTHING!!!!