Monday, August 07, 2006

Privately owned zoos

We went to the Catactin Zoo this weekend. Paid $32 to get in. It is a privately owned zoo out in the country. We saw the website and, this must be nice. With the lovely weather it was a perfect family trip...UNTIL...we got there. The zoo was over-run with weeds, in the animal dens. The animals were in wire cages. There were piles of shoveled animal dung near foot paths. The entire zoo was a dirt foot path. There was one exhibit where the Elk and Deer were all huddled under one tree b/c their den was in the sun with virtually no shade. There were like 30 Elk and Deer in the one area.
They seemed to be well fed, but other than that, not well loved.
After this experience, I think all zoos should be governmently owned, operated and regulated. We can't take precious animals for granted, we are all one in this world.
I was deeply saddened by my visit.


Ben said...

Same thing happened to my ex girlfriend and I. We had a choice between the toronto zoo and one you've described. We chose the latter---when we got there, we pulled into the driveway, looked around in amazement at our glorious mistake, and told the vendor no thanks when they asked for our cash.

I think we stopped at niagra (snore) falls instead.

Jen said...

you should report them..
especially if they had no shade..

go here

Ellie said...

I have been dying to go to the falls...really a snore Ben? hmmm..

Jen.. I think they really have been reported b4.. that is why they weren't skinny.. the poor things. I will write somebody..just haven't figured out who. If you think about it, the governement probably comes in and they just meet the requirements...but JUST meet. I think regulations need to be stricter. they are not JUST animals. But too many people see it that way.

Nicole said...

Unless animals are ran like "safaris", then i would not give them my business.

I also do not support circuses that use animals, my children have never attended a circus. Instead every year we use the money and purchase items off of our Humane Society's "wish list".

Ellie said...

That's an idea Nic... I used to volonteer at a wildlife sanctuary when I was younger, by my mother's orders... but looking back, I think it was a great experience. I think that I will ask my children to do the same.

The GurL said...

Even if this zoo does just meet government legistlation, it's important to write and let your goverment know that the current requirements aren't acceptable.

You can also write the tourism board and your local newspaper but the important thing is to just let be your voice heard. It really does make a difference and while change is never quick, it CAN be achieved and often begins with just one voice.

Ps/ I've only seen the Falls from the Canadian side but I think they're breathtaking. I believe there's a bridge you can walk over to see both. Just don't visit Marine Land.