Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three stages of underwear....




I remember my thongs, they were so cute.
I also remember our honeymoon. I didn't think my bathing suit bottoms were cute enough, so I pulled out my sexy undies and wore them to the one was the least bit skeptikal.
Now if I wore a thong, it would look like my ass ate my underwear.

Funny story. After I had the baby (emergnecy c-section) I came home only to find I had no undies that would be comfortable in my current state. So I sent hubby on an errand. I told him to go to Target and buy me some granny panties. He didn't know what they were but went to the store nonetheless. After endless searching he had to stop a sales associate and ask "Excuse me Miss, my wife sent me to the store to buy granny panties, but I can't seem to find anything that says granny panties on the pack...could you help me please?"
The clerk very amused lead him to what I was talking about...and he realized...OOPS...not really the name!!


Rhianna said...

OMG!! I got here via IT2M and that anecdote just tickled me in the right way. (Could be I used to work at Target.) Anyway, thanks for the laugh, and I'm glad you got your smack back. :)

jane said...

Hi, I'm here via it2m. This post is hilarious!!! And so, so true. LOL

Ellie said...

and it was all me...go figure..
When we moved I was cleaning out my undie drawer and I just sat there in awe. It was like the truth fell on me like a baby grand! Then I sorted them... out..
thongs, briefs, granny's....guess which ones I kept!