Monday, August 07, 2006

Jamie Lee Curtis ...a MAN?

So I was on the phone with Ang this weekend and I have no idea what we were talking about, but I was shocked when she said "Jamie Lee Curtis was born with testicles" I said "You are so full of shit.... get outta here!" According to Ang that is why she has such a manly jaw. I felt dirty because I was slightly aroused during her strip tease in True Lies... and what lies they were...or were they. Apparently she is open about her condition. I was determined to prove my friend wrong when I found the following: "Jamie Lee Curtis has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. For those of you rusty in biology, XY means that she is chromosomally, literally, biologically male. What Jamie Lee wasn't born with were the receptors for her male hormones, so she went back to the genetic sexual default appearing female. Her penis and testicles were never able to be developed."

So there you have it Ang...she wasn't actually born with technically I was yeah...but..okay..I think Ang beat me on this one.
What I wanna know is, how did she get such great tits?


Ben said...

Well, there went any fantasy I ever had about Curtis. It was so much easier before Pam Anderson got Hep C. Are 'ball-less and diseaseless' such huge requests for fantasy relationships these days?!

Mindless Dribbler said... of wonders are always mysterious huh?

You revealed a fact that I didn't know anyway.

Nice site...and enjoyed the read!

Ellie said...

awww come on now Ben... aren't you supposed to luv em' faults and all?

Did you know Cindy Crawford picks her nose?

It's true... no kissy kissy there either I guess

Nicole said...

It just doesn't add up....the Scream Queen....El, you have also taken something away from me....I feel like I just found out there is No Santa.....

Ellie said...

Don't worry Nic.. the toothfairy and the Easter Bunny still love you!