Friday, August 25, 2006

Vacation Count Down!

Only 7 days to go...then it is off to the beach with our perfect semi nuclear family! Goodie! The summer has just flown by but the last two weeks have been hell! It's like the longest days of the year approach just before you go on vaction. I wonder what cooky things we will do this year. I will be sure to take some pics and post. Last year we went to NC, got drunk playing cards. We rented a place in a golf course community (stuck up snobbies, won't do that again) it was about 11 at night when the sprinklers went off! They were HUGE! That is when we got the brilliant idea...lets run through them naked!
No one told us that sprinklers shooting water out of them like bullets going 100 miles an hour ... uh...wouldn't feel that refreshing. My hubby limped home!


Nicole said...

I hope you really enjoy yourself!! I will miss ya though, but look forward to the stories and pics!!!
I begin 10 days off as of 4:30pm today. Next Thurs. my kid starts high school...can you friggin believe it???
make sure to stop in and tell me your favourite "shot" and also a summer memory!!

RWA said...

That is a great picture, Ellie.

Getting drunk and running naked through the sprinklers on the golf course? That sounds like an action-packed vacation!

You are right. Those golf course communities are pretty snobby.

mist1 said...

Have totally done the sprinkler thing before. They shot up out of the ground and blasted us at full force.

Ellie said...

We are going to Ocean City, md. I call it Ocean Shitty...but Hubby wants to go b/c there are things for the little one to do.

I wish it were Hawaii!

RWA said...

Having worked at a golf course for a short time, I can imagine that taking a direct shot from one of those sprinklers wouldn't feel too good on bare skin - and especially on "sensitive areas."